The Outlook

The Outlook is a lookout for Dundee’s future offering insight and influence into the development of that future. Each floor has been developed in relation to one another influenced by a value setting workshop.Citizens can experience each of the spaces in many ways through various lenses coming with a problem, a solution an idea or nothing and they would leave with an invested interest and developed ownership in Dundee and its boundless future.The building is structured in an Interaction ‘Lowerarchy’ with the individual and their interactions at the bottom and communities and the cities interactions at the top –the rooftop garden making you feel part of the wider community that is Dundee. The building would be operated by the co-working space users -designers, entrepreneurs and SMEs –this provides a constant flow of fresh ideas and facilitators. They would use the building’s event and workshop spaces as a playground to explore ideas with communities, stakeholders and visitors. These ideas would be developed in partnership with everyone involved making them of immense value to the city. These ideas would then be stored in the idea hub for further exploration development and/or delivery. The outlook is designed to encourage out of the box thinking while pushing comfort barriers and creative capacity. The overall warm and welcoming environment lets users feel comfortable in their environment allowing them to push themselves through the sometimes-uncomfortable creative process.This was prototyped as an event called the Dundee Service Jam in a space close to the intended Outlook site.

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