Reflective Pavilion

A small-scale temporary pavilion expressing the constant changes happening around the Dundee waterfront area, specifically at the site of the V&A (Formerly Olympia Swimming Pool). The pavilion is roughly sized to fit within a parking space (2500mm X 5000mm with a max height of 4000mm). Reconstruction was explored as a theme of inspiration looking at some of the scaffolding, building materials and innovation of the V&A Dundee Site.

Dundee V&A Site Sept 2016

Aiming to create a pavilion that is constructed from simple components yet sculpts a complex structure, similar to Bjarke Ingles 2016 serpentine Pavilion which used simple, bricks, to create an undulating form. I’ve adopted the theme of, reconstruction, for this project as I feel it best encompasses a shifting city, showing evolution. I wish to show not necessarily point A (pre-shift) or point B (post-shift) but rather the shift itself as it is my personal belief that change is beautiful and represents a pivotal point of progress.

After visiting the V&A site this will be the geographical area my focus will be on, taking inspiration from colours, materials, textures and change on site. As a site that is constantly changing, I look to represent and incorporate this change in my design. I aim to best represent this change in particular through the choice of materials and skeletal structure. Doris Sung has pioneered the creation and application of Thermo-Bimetal, a laminate metal sheeting that changes shape due to the heat and its expansion rate. I will be looking to include this as an innovate material and an integral part of my design introducing light and shelter as elements to consider. Dundee being the sunniest city in Scotland should create an interesting reaction with this material. Having factors of change is important in this design as it represents a shift and how it comes to be – both through the people who live in a city and outside factors such as the economy, demand and time.

Final 1:25 Model

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