Central Dis-Chord

An interactive exhibition built in situ at the Castle Street pend in Dundee. This one day installation explored underused city centre locations as well as the shifting epicentre of the city centre over time. Dundee’s different ‘centres’ were explored through abstract monuments on a time-line. The Law, Royal Arch, Discovery, Caird Hall, Observatory and V&A were all represented. The timeline arranged the monuments based on occurrence in time and latitude. A fracture was formed in front of the installation with the triangular structures representative of the disconnect between the waterfront and further Dundee. This fracture was a tensile structure pulling tense cords between the 3 points representing the tension between the waterfront, city centre and the people of Dundee. These elements were then projected on telling the story of each of the monuments or centres and their development over time from the origins of the law hill as a volcanic mound to the hopes for urban regeneration with the shiny new V&A. A sound-scape was produced for each recorded at various points around Dundee to create an immersive experience.

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