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15 Things I Learned This Summer

you can read about the whole experience here 1.   Language is no longer a barrier   There’s an app for that, in fact, there’s quite a few, although sometimes it’s best not to rely on technology and you don’t have to either. Studies find that only 7% of communication is

1 in 24,000,000

Back in March an email made its rounds about this little opportunity to spend your summer in China, most people ignore their emails and just read the essentials, but myself and a few other students read this email and decided to apply for the summer school program, after all, what’s

Villa Savoye


Exploring ideas relating to rituals and routines – “Routiual” relates these ideas to the thought of the morning routine progression being a looping ribbon or Mobius strip (infinite line and surface through only a single edge and surface), a continuous evolving process all the way from cradle to grave –

Life Drawings

A collection of life drawings undertaken with lecturer Reinhard Behrens as part of semester 1 to understand the human form and anatomy more accurately – something to take under consideration when designing products, furniture, and spaces. Some are formal drawings and others are more expressive showing a balance of work.

Dundee – One City

Dundee – Once known as being the worst slum in Britain in the 19th Century has now transformed to be defined as Britain’s coolest little city as well as being titled the only UNESCO city of Design in the UK – and soon to be home to the only design

The language of design

During October we were visited by Filip Claes a lecturer from Thomas More University Belgium delivering a week-long workshop on the Semantics of Design. Semantics is, in essence, the language that objects speak e.g. how would you know to pull a door opposed to pushing it without the obvious and unnecessary

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