Crisp Photo Series

A series of 36 photos taken over the course of June to August 2016 as part of a project investigating residential building typologies. Over 200 images contributed to this project although the majority were taken over a one day period in my home Village of Catrine – A Historical Mining town.

Journey Box- Reflective Post

Pictured above is a selection of sketches taken from my initial research into individual elements such as plane, stair, ramp and door. Looking back now at my research and development I find it increasingly interesting how “Chance” as it is, came to be. If I were to initiate this project again

Journey Box – Chance

The model of Chance can be found and explored on Dropbox in order to properly explore it as a journey it may be beneficial to “hide” the walls and ceiling in order to get an idea of each of the elements within and to view it as a journey and not

Journey Box – Going Digital

Transferring the knowledge gained from 3D sketching with paper I created a digital model of my Journey Box using Google Sketch Up Make. Titled “Chance” my box adapts methods of chance and abstraction to create a collective collective of paths and planes that appear in many different shapes, forms and directions

Journey Box – Developing A Prototype

Finalising the 3D sketching to an appropriate scale. For this final model/plan or more accurately prototype I used 25mm strips of paper inside a scaled kappa box at 200mm (meaning scaled to 8x8x8m), 25mm is the equivalent of 1m a suitable length for any Path/Bridge/Stair/Ramp. For the prototype I used

Journey Box -Developing a Process

After discovering my initial process of 3D sketching and my theme of “Chance/Abstraction” I wanted to bring my sketches to life and make them even more relevant to the brief. Using kappa board 10x10x10cm and acetate to show the internal workings of my first prototype journey box again with paper

Journey Box – A starting point

After an initial investigation and sketching from pinterest, I decided to start 3D sketching using strips of paper.

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