What have I been up to most recently? Well, with lockdown having lasted over six months now there’s a lot of recently to discuss. Since the beginning of lockdown I’ve tried to use the time to grow, build my skills and develop creatively. I’ve been lucky enough to achieve all of these in some way from working on some small personal projects to working on live web projects. I’ve been able to creatively sketch and draw, to learn some coding, to develop my personal portfolio and so much more.

I will be completely honest though. The overall situation has been difficult, as I’m sure it has been for most. But this has served as a source Of inspiration and motivation for me

  • C2:Concepts

    Aug 2019 - Present

    For over a year I’ve been an Interior Designer at c2 working on an exciting range of workplace projects and pitches from RIBA stages 2-6. You can read more about c2 here... and see one of the projects I’ve worked on here...

  • Blairboyle.com

    Sept 2020

    My own personal website developed in html css, and javascript. The first web project I’ve worked on where I wasn’t limited by a platform. This brought unique challenges but has allowed for a more authentic creative vision to be realised more…

  • Portfolio

    Sept 2020

    A full portfolio of my personal and professional achievements. Ranging from my design work in university to all the additional things I’ve done before, during and after my university experience. You can find my portfolio on the portfolio page...

  • Design Presentations

    Aug 2020

    As part of our Friday Evening social calls at C2 I developed multiple presentations showcasing contemporary architecture and interior design. These ranged from personal experiences at the Venice Biennale to the Dezeen Awards longlist 2020. You can view these presentations here…

  • Anditheokle.com

    April - Aug 2020

    Development of E-Store and online showcase of Andi Theokle’s artworks developed over the past 20 years. This website was created using the Wix online platform and was my first published website outside my own. You can view the website here... and learn more about it here…

  • After Island RIBA

    May - Nov 2019

    An exhibition at RIBA North showcasing the work of Fellows from the British Pavilion at the 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale. The work of 35 fellows was displayed in RIBA’’s Liverpool space from May to November in 2018 you can read more about the exhibition here...

  • New Designers

    Jul 2019

    After our Degree Show exhibition came the New Designers Exhibition in London. This exhibition was a revised and reformatted version of our Dundee exhibition due to the reduced availability of space. This was a good design challenge and one Ifeel we met appropriately. You can read more about this exhibition here…

  • Architecture Workshop

    Jun 2019

    Assisting Architecture lecturers in the delivery of a two taster days for final year school students with an interest in applying to the architecture course. These full day sessions consisted of a loose drawing exercise and an abstract model making exercise. Like in the IED workshop I demonstrated techniques and approaches for the young people to consider.

  • IED Workshop

    June 2019

    Assisting IED lecturers in the delivery of a taster day for final year school students with an interest in applying to the IED course. This full day session consisted of an abstract model making exercise. I assisted in helping the young people try new things and explore new materials.

  • Home Fae Home II

    May 2019

    Following on from the first workshop I assisted Linsey and Gary in preparing the materials for a custom "visioning session" for the young people. I’m grateful to have been able to contribute to this project in both instances even if it was in a small way.

  • Dundee Design Festival 19

    May 2019

    Volunteering at the Dundee Design Festival in 2019 for a week. I helped to coordinate and deliver events and supported local designers in their own workshops where they were engaging with the public. More…

  • IED Catalogue

    May 2019

    I personally developed and designed the IED Exhibition Catalogue showcasing all seventeen graduating students projects. On top of this it showcased group projects/exhibitions as well as competition/award winning projects from out year. You can view the catalogue here…

  • IED Degree Show

    May 2019

    Each year the graduating class of interiors designs their own unique degree show which is always a spectacle of the DJCAD Degree Show. Our year opted for a bold statement with exciting shapes and colours. This year also brought the challenge of having to adapt the design for New Designers in London for the first time. You can read more about the degree show here..

  • Interiors Rep SDS

    Sep - Jun 2018/19

    In my final year of uni I represented all Interior Environmental Students on the Social Digital Society (Social Digital is the overall department of Product, Digital Interaction and Interior Design). I was the first person to fulfill this role, it was mainly used as an opportunity to coordinate fundraising efforts for our respective degree shows.

  • IED Fundraising Lead

    May 2019

    I was the fundraising lead for IED19 organising various events throughout the year and coordinating our kickstarter in the final push. Overall, through combined efforts we managed to raise £6,000 to fund our Degree Show and London exhibition which we matched in our own finances to deliver an incredible exhibition in both instances. See our Kickstarter here…

  • Dundee Service Jam 19

    March 2019

    My third instalment of organising the service jam brought new unique challenges as well as opportunities to engage with industry professionals. This jam brought in a new group of participants to a new venue with many new organisers. You can read more about all the jams here...

  • Dissertation

    Jan 2019

    The written portion of my degree studies. 7500 words on how Dundee could use human-centred design approaches to develop as a more accessible and inclusive smart city and how designers could contribute to this. This acted as a testing ground of ideas for my thesis design project. You can read my dissertation here...

  • Home Fae Home I

    Nov 2018

    Assisting Lindsey McIntosh and Kennedytwaddle in their workshop working with a group of young people in the Hot Chocolate Trust. In this first workshop I captured the data and discussion through photography and video. I went on to assist in a future workshop.

  • Central Dis-Chord

    Nov 2018

    An interactive audio-visual installation exploring the shifting of Dundee’s city centre over time and the contribution to unused city centre spaces. The exhibit demonstrates the current tension between Dundee’s residents, the existing city centre and the billion pound waterfront development. More…

  • Portfolio Masterclass

    Oct 2018

    Working with artist Gemma Coyle doing a portfolio masterclass with year five and six pupils in the process of bringing their portfolios together for applying to higher education. I assisted in helping students explore different creative techniques and ways of visualising and showed my own portfolio from when I was applying to university. This event was organised through the East Ayrshire Creative Minds Learning Network.

  • Home and Belonging

    Sept 2018

    Assisting OpenChange in the facilitation of workshops over a two day period to a group of 90 people representing organisations looking to apply to the Home and Belonging fund. We had to assist them in developing ideas using service design methodologies and help them consider how they could continue to engage young people throughout their bid. Read more…

  • Public Reflections Exhibition

    Aug 2018

    An exhibition organised by the fellows from the Venice Biennale. The exhibition showcased work from all twelve fellows who worked the first month of the biennale and was exhibited for one day in London. Read more…

  • Venice Biennale

    May - June 2018

    Working as a Research Fellow at the British Pavilion as part of the 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale. I was able to live and work in Venice for a month and take part in/experience contemporary world leading architecture. This led to my work being in two exhibits. You can view my research outcome here… and read more about my Venice experience here…

  • Dundee Service Jam 18

    March 2018

    My second time attending and organising a service jam. This time the jam itself was smaller due to less time and people organising it, however, we still delivered an awesome event with 30+ attendees present for the whole weekend. Read more about the service jams here….

  • Erasmus+ Belgium

    Sept - Feb 2017/18

    I attended Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen Belgium from September-February 2017/18 studying interior and service design. This course focussed on the application of interiors to service driven spaces and the opportunities to improve the services themselves. More…

  • China Summer School

    June - Aug 2017

    A two month culture, science and engineering summer school in Shanghai, China. I spent my time experiencing some of the unique sites around Shanghai and China generally while also taking part in medical device lessons. You can read more about my China experience here…

  • EYCA Summit Delegate

    June 2017

    Member of the first EYCA youth delegation. EYCA Isabel international symposium of youth organisations (like young Scot)who provide cards to young people which get them exclusive deals and discounts. Our contributions formed the future EYCA Youth Committee.

  • Creative Dundee Interview

    March 2017

    In 2017 I was interviewed by Creative Dundee. This interview was an insight into some of the work I’d been doing with TTS and the service jam and aimed to get both topics on people's minds as talking points to build future engagement. You can read the interview here…

  • Dundee Service Jam 17

    Feb 2017

    My first time organising a Service Jam in 2017 coincidently resulted in us organising the biggest jam world wide (over 100 participating cities). For first time organisers we did incredibly well, you can read more about the jam here…

  • Common Purpose Malaysia

    Dec 2016

    In December 2016 I travelled to Malaysia through the Common Purpose cultural leaders programme to learn more about cultural intelligence and leadership that crosses borders. This was an exciting and meaningful trip which you can read more about here…

  • TTS Unconvention

    Oct 2016

    Organising a celebration of youth arts and the Time To Shine strategy in Scotland. The event brought in almost 500 attendees to SWG3 in Glasgow for the day. I along with two colleagues delivered the closing remarks. You can read more about TTS here…

  • Edinburgh International Culture Summit

    Aug 2016

    Edinburgh International Culture Summit (EICS) is a biennial conference bringing together cultural leaders from over 100 countries to convene and discuss cultural engagement in their respective countries. After attending the full conference two colleagues and I delivered the closing remarks which can be viewed here…

  • iRights Campaign Launch

    Jul 2015

    Delivering a speech at the RSA in London alongside Louise Macdonald (Youngscot CEO), Beeban Kidron (iRights Founder) and a plethora of other government and media officials. The iRights campaign aimed to give new protections to young people and their data. You can read the event summary here…

  • Education and Culture Committee

    Jan 2015

    In January 2015 I appeared in front of the Scottish Parliament's Education and Culture Committee alongside Young Scot Depute CEO Allison Hardie to answer questions about and offer insight to the Time To Shine Strategy Scotland’s national strategy for engaging young people in the arts. You can view the committee meeting here… or and see more about Time To Shine here…

  • Creative Minds Learning Network

    Sept 2014

    Delivering a speech to a network of around 100 teachers and creative professionals as part of the creative minds learning network. This was a speech and presentation that was a product of my initial advanced higher art school project. You can view the recording of it here…