The language of design


During October we were visited by Filip Claes a lecturer from Thomas More University Belgium delivering a week-long workshop on the Semantics of Design. Semantics is, in essence, the language that objects speak e.g. how would you know to pull a door opposed to pushing it without the obvious and unnecessary push/pull sign. semantics are responsible for  readable and understandable design opposed to design that requires an instruction manual.

Human communication is 7% words 38% voice and 55% body. When we contrast this with design and object, we understand that objects communicate 100% through their body, proving why good design and consideration is important.

We were tasked with communicating a motion through a blue foam block. Through storyboarding everyone in the class came up with a unique motion to communicate, mine was pull.




Initially, after storyboarding, prototyping seemed like a good idea. Experimenting with cuts and crevices to encourage pulling but not picking up of the block. Pictured below is the final block and the desired motion to be undertaken.






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